/5.15 p.m. – Path of the Masters: Rene Laloux & Roland Topor

5.15 p.m. – Path of the Masters: Rene Laloux & Roland Topor

Rotunda Cinema
Large Screening Room

27th November (Wednesday)
5.15 p.m.

LES ESCARGOTS / ŚLIMAKI / THE SNAILS, scen./sc.: Roland Topor, René Laloux, reż./dir.: René Laloux, Prod.: Sofac, Francja/France, 1965, 10’, anim.

A gardener is doing everything he can to make his lettuces grow. Finally, his own tears prove to be the solution. The lettuces are becoming huge, but as they grow larger and larger, enormous snails appear there, too…

LA PLANÈTE SAUVAGE / DZIKA PLANETA / FANTASTIC PLANET, scen./sc. Roland Topor (na podstawie powieści Stefana Wula Oms en série/based on the novel by Stephan Wul Oms en série), reż./dir.: René Laloux, Roland Topor, muz./mus.: Alain Goraguer, Prod.: Madlib, Francja, Czechosłowacja/France, Czechoslovakia, 1973, 72’, anim.

Animated science fiction film. Somewhere on a distant planet live anthropoidal blue creatures called the Traags. They have a highly developed technology and advanced system of learning; they are also fond of meditation. Before the humans devastated the Earth completely, the Traags had managed to save a few of them and take them back to their planet. A hundred times bigger Traags treat the humans, or the Oms as they are called in the film, like pets. The main character and the narrator of the story is Terr, a domesticated Om, who acquired the Traag knowledge. One day Terr decides to escape… The music for the film was composed by Alain Goraguer, a French jazzman who incorporated some hip hop elements into it. This psychedelic animated film was awarded at the 1973 Cannes Film Festival.