/5.00 p.m. – Jubilee Award for Łódź Film School (V)

5.00 p.m. – Jubilee Award for Łódź Film School (V)



5th Screening:
Agrafka Cinema

27th November (Wednesday)
5.00 p.m.

MELODRAMAT / MELODRAMA, scen./sc., reż./dir.: Filip Marczewski, zdj./ph.: Radosław Ładczuk, wyst./cast: Alan Andersz, Monika Januszkiewicz, Agnieszka Krukówna, prod.: PWSFTviT, Polska/Poland, 2005, 19’, fab./fic.

A story about a 14-year-old boy who matures both emotionally and sexually. It is a story about erotic fascination, firm friendship, about the search for warmth, affection, and, first of all, love.

SUMMERTIME, reż./dir.: Cyprian Piwowarski, prod.: PWSFTviT, Polska/Poland, 2009, 9’, anim.

A story about two worlds, two colours, and an ocean of wheat.

MAŁŻONKOWIE / SPOUSES, scen./sc., reż./dir.: Dara van Dusen, zdj./ph.: Kate McCullough, wyst./cast: Alicja Frączak, Michał Stulczewski, Paweł Królikowski, prod.: PWSFTviT, Polska/Poland, 2009, 12’, fab./fic.

A lost young woman fights with an inflated alligator and with her own husband.

38,5, reż./dir.: Grzegorz Dębowski, zdj./ph.: Yori Fabian, prod.: PWSFTviT, Polska/Poland, 2009, 10’, dok./doc.

Mariusz is 15 years old. He has parents, a brother and a sister. He lives in Ruda Pabianicka and supports Widzew Football Club. He is a junior high student. He plays football with his friends. He argues with his brother. He trains boxing. He wins medals. He weighs less than 40 kilograms. But… is he already a grown-up or still a child? About where the borderline is, if it is anywhere. And the weight of …

URODZINY / BIRTHDAY, reż./dir.: Jenifer Malmqvist, zdj./ph.: Ita Zbroniec-Zajt, wyst./cast: Asa Karlin, Lotten Roos, August Lindmark, prod.: PWSFTviT, Good World AB, 2010, 18’, fab./fic.

Sara is preparing a surprise for Katerina`s 40th birthday. However, her joy is shattered.

SMOLARZE / TAR MAKERS, reż./dir.: Piotr Złotorowicz, zdj./ph.: Malte Rosenfeld, prod.: PWSFTviT, Polska/Poland, 2010, 15’, dok./doc.

Each summer a man and a woman work as tar makers in the Bieszczady mountains. Away from the civilization, they live according to the rhythm set by nature.

DRŻĄCE TRĄBY / SHIVERING TRUNKS, reż./dir. Natalia Brożyńska, zdj./ph.: Malin Nicander, muz./mus.: Paweł Sołtysiak, prod.: PWSFTviT, Polska/Poland, 2010, 3’24’, anim.

Pafnucy, a furry creature with a latex trunk, is not happy with his physiognomy. Somewhere among his newspapers he has a picture of Kalasanty, a creature with a healthy-looking and cheerful face. Pafnucy rides on skates, has problems with physical coordination, he is nowhere near Kalas. He goes into frenzy.

WYCIECZKA / THE TRIP, reż./dir.: Bartosz Kruhlik, zdj./ph.: Daniel Wawrzyniak, muz./mus.: Andrzej Strzemżalski, Polska/Poland, 2010, 12’dok./doc.

A girl sets off on a trip with her grandfather. He teaches her how to drive a scooter, shows her nature and tells her about what is important.