/5.00 p.m. – Festivals of the old and new media present: Tampere Film Festival

5.00 p.m. – Festivals of the old and new media present: Tampere Film Festival

Pauza Cinema

25th November (Monday)
5 p.m.

Tampere Film Festival, together with Oberhausen and Clermont-Ferrand film festivals, is among the most significant short film festivals in the world. Not only is the festival biggest but also one of the oldest in North Europe (its first edition was organised in 1969). It is held yearly, in March, in Tampere, Finland, where almost five hundred films are screened in the course of a few of days. The projections are complemented with seminars, exhibitions and workshops. A couple of thousand people attend the festival, which makes the Tampere Film Festival an important meeting place for film professionals and cinema enthusiasts. Since 1992 Tampere has also held a Film Fair, which runs along with the Festival. The Grand Prix winners are eligible to run for Oscar nominations in the short film category. Every year the Festival seeks to offer a varied programme of events that ranges from feature, documentary, and animated films to recent film releases and retrospectives of the cinema’s greatest achievements.

The Tampere Film Festival has a goal to encourage the creativity of young filmmakers and support their talent.

In the long history of the Festival the awards (often their first) went to the artists who are worldwide acknowledged today, such as Mika Kaurismaki, Kasia Rastimo, Markku Pölönen, John Webster, Zaida Bergroth or Mika Ronkainen.

Since 1972, Risto Jarva Prize, the most important award in Finland, is awarded by the Finnish Film Foundation to the domestic filmmakers and films.

THE ILLUSTRATED CITY / ILUSTROWANE MIASTO, scen./sc., reż./dir.: Jan Andersson, zdj./ph.: Jan Andersson, muz./mus.: Anton Sundström, Prod.: Animaation Apupyörä / Tatu Pohjavirta, Finlandia/Finland, 2010, 5’, anim.

A story of a certain wall…

MITEN MARJOJA POIMITAAN / JAK ZBIERAĆ JAGODY / HOW TO PICK BERRIES, scen./sc.: Elina Talvensaari, Mauro Fariñas, reż./dir.: Elina Talvensaari, zdj./ph.: Joonas Pulkkanen, Prod.: Aalto-yliopisto, Finlandia/ Finland, 2010, 19’, dok./doc.

Visitors from a distant place appear in the misty swamps of Northern Finland. The locals grow restless ­­– things are changing and the secret berry spots are revealed. How to Pick Berries is an exploration of Finnish mind and the absurdities of global economy.

ERÄÄN HYÖNTEISEN TUHO / ŚMIERĆ OWADA / THE DEATH OF AN INSECT, scen./sc., reż./dir.: Hannes Vartiainen, Pekka Veikkolainen, zdj./ph.: Hannes Vartiainen, Pekka Veikkolainen, muz./mus.: Joonatan Portaankorva, Prod.: Pohjankonna Oy / Hannes Vartiainen, Pekka Veikkolainen, Finlandia/Finland, 2010, 7’, anim.

In a lifeless urban landscape where time itself has stopped its crawl, a mad ballet is commencing and a newly-hatched butterfly is about to die.

KORSOTEORIA / A WIĘĆ TAK / SO IT GOES, scen./sc., reż./dir.: Antti Heikki Pesonen, zdj./ph.: Aarne Tapola, muz./mus.: Antti Pouta, Prod.: Aalto yliopisto, Taik/ELO, Finlandia/Finland, 2012, 29’, fab./fic.

So it Goes is a story about a working class woman called Elli who has never traveled outside of Finland. She will either get a cruise abroad or love. But not both.

MANKELI / CZŁOWANIOŁ / THE MANGEL, scen./sc., reż./dir.: Jan Andersson, Katja Kettu, zdj./ph.: Antti Takkunen, muz./mus.: Eero Turkka ja Mamo ensemble, Prod.: Indie Films Oy, Finlandia/Finland, 2011, 11’, fab./fic.

The mangel is a male and an angel who falls from the heaven and in love with a tree…

HILJAINEN VIIKKO / WSZYTKICH ŚWIĘTYCH / ALL HALLOWS’ WEEK, scen./sc., reż./dir.: Jussi Hiltunen, zdj./ph.: JP Passi, muz./mus.: Tapani Siirtola, Prod.: Making Movies Oy, Finlandia/Finland, 2011, 18’, fab./fic.

A shooting incident takes place in a small town in Northern Finland. Two witnesses have to cope with sorrow and guilt.

TREFFIT / RANDKA / THE DATE, scen./sc., reż./dir.: Jenni Toivoniemi, zdj./ph.: Jarmo Kiuru, Prod.: Tuffi Films Oy, Finlandia/Finland, 2012, 8’, fab./fic.

Tino’s (16) manhood is put to test in front of two women, Mirka (25) and Lissu (54) when he has to host a date for Diablo, family’s stud cat.