/5.00 p.m. – Festivals of the old and new media present: Odense

5.00 p.m. – Festivals of the old and new media present: Odense

Pauza Cinema

24th November (Sunday)
5 p.m.

Odense International Film Festival is a Danish short film festival with a long and successful tradition.
Since its first appearance in 1975 OFF has strived to be the cosiest, most courageous and adventurous short film festival – that’s why we always offer a varied and experimenting film programme with thought-provoking experiences, debates, workshops, concerts and much more.

Every year in August, the citizens of Odense and film enthusiasts from all over the world have the opportunity of experiencing short films that would otherwise never reach the big screen. And all this for free!
Odense International Film Festival is known for its moving, inspiring and challenging competition programme, for a fantastic film atmosphere and for all the many exciting events, experiences and workshops that each year attracts a
wonderful audience.

The festival area and screening venues are centralized around the historic area of Brandt’s Klaedefabrik, which transforms into an international film mecca bursting with great cultural experiences. With the many ongoing film screenings there is always an atmosphere of festivity and immersion.

The heart of the festival is, as always, extraordinary films from all over the world. The outcome is a clear-cut and all-round short film programme filled with fiction, animation and documentary, which leaves room for all sorts – from popular culture to the underground, from the weird to the beautiful, from the tragic to the dramatic and from large scale emotions to life’s small twists and turns.

All of this is impossible to depict in a single 90 minute screening here at the Etiuda&Anima Film Festival, which we are very proud to participate in, so we have chosen to put together a programme that we call OFFavorites. We are going to show you a medley of great films with interesting themes and interpretations especially from young Danish filmmakers that we think are worth keeping an eye on. All of them were awarded during OFF, like the laureate if three awards (The Artistic Award, Audience Award, the Children and Youth Award) Daimi or 9 meter, the winner of the Children and Youth award, followed by the Animation Talent Award Cheers Viola!.

DAIMI, reż./dir.: Marie Grahtø Sørensen, zdj./ph.: Jonas Berlin, muz./mus.: Orphans,rod. Super16, Filmværkstedet / DFI, Dania/Denmark, 012, 20’, fab./fic.

The film won no less than three prizes at the Odense International Film Festival. The protagonist, Daimi, is 12 years. It’s Christmas, and she has tragically been left in a dark home with her only friend, a pet pig. Daimi’s imagination overshadows reality. A reality she realizes with a scream. Daimi is not as alone as she thinks.

FUCKING TØS / PIEPRZONA DZIEWCZYNA / DAMN GIRL, reż./dir.: Kira Richards Hansen, zdj./ph.: Brian Curt Petersen, muz./mus.: Martin Juel Dirkov, wyst./cast: Mustapha Chouiakhi, Julius Sigurd Heilman, Christian Konradsen, rod. Firelane Motion Pictures, Dania/Denmark, 2012, 13’, fab./fic.

Alex, a 12 year old girl is having a hard time becoming a woman. She has built her own boyish universe in which she paints graffiti and roams around with her male friends. Aggressively she struggles to keep her emotions and her budding sexuality at distance. As her best friend challenges her, she goes to even further extremes.

9 METER, reż./dir.: Anders Walter, zdj./ph.: Rasmus Heise, muz./mus.: Rasmus Walter, Niels Kristian Bærentzen, rod.: M&M Productions, Dania/Denmark, 2012, 17’, fab./fic.

Winner of the Children & Youth Award is the story about 16 year old Daniel – a great long jumping talent who constantly breaks his own records. The records are to Daniel a way to keep his dying mother alive. She is in a coma, but Daniel experiences that every time he tells the mother about a new record, she reacts by moving a finger. Unfortunately, Daniel can’t keep breaking his own records.

SKÅL VIOLA!/ / NA ZDROWIE, VIOLA! / CHEERS VIOLA!, reż./dir:Susanne Bækby Olesen, rod. Basmati Film, Dania/Denmark, 2012, 6’28”, anim.

One night little Viola and her parents celebrate the mother’s birthday in a bar. Viola is concerned of what might happen. Her teddy bear, Sebastian, follows her everywhere. Whenever she is happy or sad, she can share the feelings with him. But this night, Sebastian begins to behave frightening much like her drunken parents.

BELINDA BEAUTIFUL / PIĘKNA BELINDA, scen./sc.: Rasmus Birch, reż./dir.: Marianne Blicher, zdj./ph.: Niels Thastum, muz./mus.: Jonas Struck, rod.: Nimbus Film, Dania/Denmark, 2012, 24’, fab./fic.

The title of the film refers to the 14 year old Belinda Larsen is not like the other girls. She is far from popular. She is not very good at handball. And she has not even kissed anyone. But at one point Belinda is like any other teenagers; sexuality sprouts and hormones are starting to rage in her body. But what to do with the chaos of emotions when you are different?