/6.00 p.m. – BE 4 – Visegrad Jazz and Visual Arts (I)

6.00 p.m. – BE 4 – Visegrad Jazz and Visual Arts (I)

Jazz improvisations inspired by film-making

BE 4 – Visegrad Jazz and Visual Arts

28th – 30th November

A project organized by IFF Etiuda&Anima and Jazz Juniors festival, combining visual art with jazz music, organized in co-operation with the countries from the Visegrád Group (the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary), and partially founded by the International Visegrad Fund.

28th November (Thursday)
CK Rotunda, ul. Oleandry 1, 30-060 Kraków


Viktor Toth (HU) – alto saxophone
György Orban (HU) – double bass
Istvan Balo (HU) – drums
Maciej Obara (PL) – alto saxophone

Victor Tóth (saxophone player) is nowadays recognized as one of the most interesting Hungarian jazz artists. His album “Climbing with Mountains” was proclaimed the best jazz album of 2007. Tóth performs in all Europe and the US. He composes original pieces and sound tracks, as well as collects folk music.

KREUTZEROVA SONÁTA/SONATA KREUZEROWSKA/KREUTZER SONATA, dir.: Gustav Machatý, cast: Eva Byronova, Jan W. Speerger, Miroslav, CS, 1927, 74’, fic.

The Kreutzer Sonata is a feature length film debut by Gustav Machatý – one of the most famous Czech film-makers of the interwar period. The film is an adaptation of Leo Tolstoy`s novella with the same title, which discusses a gradual marriage breakdown.While making the film, Machatý gave up the reconstruction of Russian reality, but invested the film with a more modern and universal form. The film is the beginning of the author`s interest in ways of showing passion and love experiences on the screen. Machatý`s famous later films – Erotikon (1929) and Ecstasy (1933) – were examples of the continuation of this approach.

The screening was prepared to celebrate 70 years of the National Film Archive in Prague.