/4.00 p.m. – Laureates of ETIUDA competition – Agnes Kocsis

4.00 p.m. – Laureates of ETIUDA competition – Agnes Kocsis

Małopolski Ogród Sztuki
Large Screening Room

25th November (Monday)
4.00 p.m.

Agnes Kocsis
Agnes Kocsis – a Hungarian director and screenwriter, winner of the prestigious Bela Balazs Prize. She studied at ELTE in Hungary and also at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow and in Rome. She graduated from The Academy of Drama and Film in Bucharest in 2005. Her first feature length film, Fresh Air (Friss levegö, 2006), won the FIPRESCI Award at Warsaw Film Festival and was nominated to the European Film Award. Pal Adrien, the director`s second film, was screened during the Un Certain Regard review at the festival in Cannes and was awarded by FIPRESCI jury. Agnes Kocsis is a prize winner at the festival Etiuda 2004.

Honorary award

18 KÉP EGY KONZERVGYÁRI LÁNY ÉLETÉBÖL / 18 PICTURES FROM THE LIFE OF A COSERVE FACTORY GIRL, scen./sc., reż./dir.: Ágnes Kocsis, zdj./ph. Adam Fillenz, wyst./cast: Júlia Nagy, Jenö Nyika, Béla Stubnya, prod.: Szinhaz és Filmművészeti Egyetem Budapeszt, Węgry/Hungary, 2003, 22’, fab./fic.

27-year-old Krisztina Szabo works in a conserve factory. She dreams about a better life, but only a major breakthrough will allow her to change her fate. Krisztina believes that the only chance to put her plans into action is winning a lottery and collecting points in all sorts of promotions.

PAL ADRIENN, reż./dir. Agnes Kocsis, scen./script Agnes Kocsis, Andrea Roberti, zdj./phot. Adam Fillenz, Węgry, Austria, Holandia, Francja. Hungary, Austria, Holand, France 2010, 136’
Pal Adrienn - Agnes Kocsis 2
Piroska is an overweight palliative ward nurse. One day a patient called Pal Adrienn is brought to hospital. The protagonist`s childhood friend had the same name. Piroska decides to find her friend. Subsequent talks with her friends from the past reveal facts hidden till that time.