/4.00 p.m. – 20 years of the IFF Etiuda&Anima: Grand Prix – Golden Jabberwocky

4.00 p.m. – 20 years of the IFF Etiuda&Anima: Grand Prix – Golden Jabberwocky

27/11/2013, 4.00 p.m., Małopolski Ogród Sztuki


The second festival’s competition of professional, student and independent animated films has been organized since 2005 and the 12th edition of Etiuda festival. It was also then when the event changed its name into Etiuda&Anima. In the ANIMA competition, apart from top individual awards – Golden, Silver and Brown Jabberwockies, in accordance with the chief idea of the festival, the Special Golden Jabberwocky is presented to the best student short film of the festival. During two screenings, we will present the winners of the Golden Jabberwocky and Special Golden Jabberwocky for the best student short film.

ANIMA competition
Grand Prix Golden Jabberwocky: 2005 – 2012

E 2005

KARL JA MARYLIN / KARL I MARYLIN / KARL AND MARYLIN, reż./dir. Priit Pärn, prod. Eesti Joonisfilm, Kinoproduction, Estonia 2003, 24’

Karl is tired of the heavy burden of fame and decides to start a life among so called ordinary people. Soon afterwards, he crosses paths with fame-seeking Marilyn and decides to help her in achieving that goal. However, everything has its price…

E&A 2007

KAFKA: INAKA ISHA / WIEJSKI LEKARZ FRANZA KAFKI / FRANZ KAFKA’S: A COUNTRY DOCTOR, reż./dir. Koji Yamamura, muz./mus. Hitomi Shimizu, prod. Yamamura Animation, Japonia/Japan 2007, 21’

One winter, foggy night a country doctor is called to a sick boy. Thus starts a series of often surrealist events putting his professional career to an end.

E&A 2008

FENSTERBILDER / KADROWANIE / FRAMING, reż./dir. Bert Gottschalk, fot./phot. Bert Gottschalk, prod. Bert Gottschalk, Niemcy/Germany 2007, 6’

Found footage. Single frames of 8 millimetre films are compared to the windows of house facades in a city. Various audio-visual materials are used by the artist to create a collage illustrated by music of Franz Schubert.

E&A 2009

DE SI PRÈS / TAK BLISKO / SO CLOSE, reż./dir. Rémi Durin, prod. La Boîte, Les Films du Nord, Francja/France 2009, 13’

In a park, a grandfather taking care of his granddaughter is sitting on a bench. Suddenly he starts reminiscing about a war during which he managed to avoid death three times. This time, however, death seems inevitable.

E&A 2010

SCHLAF / SEN / SLEEP, reż./dir. Claudius Gentinetta, Frank Braun, Gentinettafilm, Szwajcaria/Switzerland 2010, 4’10’’

Animated lullaby to the rhythm of even, dreamy breathing.

E&A 2011

SNĘPOWINA / SLEEPINCORD, reż./Dir.: Marta Pajek, muz./mus.: Wojciech Lemański, prod.: Zbigniew Żmudzki, Se-ma-for Produkcja Filmowa, Polska/Poland 2011, 14’

A girl trapped between two worlds, connected with a umbilical cord of pictures and emotions. “Sleepincord” is about a dream on the verge of the worlds of body and spirit that cannot be neither observed nor examined.

E&A 2012

BYDLO/BYDŁO/CATTLE, reż./dir.: Patrick Bouchard, muz./mus.: Robert Marcel Lepage, prod.: National Film Board of Canada, Julie Roy, Kanada/Canada 2012, 8’55’’

An interpretation of one of piano movements from Mussorgsky’s “Pictures at an Exhibition,” inspired by the slow, cumbersome movement of an ox pulling a heavily-laden cart. A pompous allegory of the fate of mankind.