/4.00 p.m. – 20 years of the IFF Etiuda&Anima: Grand Prix – Golden Dinosaur

4.00 p.m. – 20 years of the IFF Etiuda&Anima: Grand Prix – Golden Dinosaur

26/11/2013, godz. 16:00, Małopolski Ogród Sztuki

20 years of the International Film Festival Etiuda&Anima

The main competition of the festival, organized since the first edition of the Etiuda International Film Festival comprises exclusively short films made within the didactic processes in film and artistic schools. Between 1994 – 2004, all kinds of short films were present: features, documentaries, animations and experimental short films. In the first period, that is between 1994 – 2002, short film competitions were organized every two years, in odd years. Since 2003, the short film competition has been organized annually, and starting from 2005, since a separate animation competition was introduced, the competition comprises short feature, documentary and experimental films. Animated short films take part in the second competition of the festival, together with other animations. We present all winners of the Golden Dinosaur Grand Prix of the ETIUDA competition in three screenings. The third screening is devoted solely to films made in the Łódź Film School, the most often Grand Prix awarded film school of the festival, and this year considered the best film school of the 20 years of the festival Etiuda&Anima.

The ETIUDA competition
Golden Dinosaur Grand Prix – 1994 – 2012 (except the prizes won by the Łódź Film School)

E&A 2008

MEIN VATER SCHLAFT / MÓJ OJCIEC ŚPI / MY FATHER IS SLEEPING, reż./dir. Grzegorz Muskala, zdj./phot. Raphael Beinder, DFFB, Berlin, Niemcy/Germany 2007, fab./fiction, 13’

10-year-old Mika lives with her parents in the country. Because of her father`s illness, she has to help on the farm and cannot enjoy idle, summer days. Her younger sister, for whom the farm is the best playground in the world, keeps disturbing her in her work.

E&A 2009

POSREDNIKAT / POŚREDNIK / THE MEDIATOR, reż./dir. Dragomir Sholev, zdj./phot. Nenad Boroevich, NATFA, Sofia, Bułgaria/Bulgaria 2008, fab./fiction, 26’

The protagonist, a young boy, lives between his divorced parents` two houses. Even though he has two places to live in, he cannot find a good place for his bicycle.

E&A 2010

100 DNI / 100 DAYS, reż./dir. Viera Čákányová, zdj./phot. Vojtěch Vančura, FAMU, Praga, Czechy/Czech Republic 2009, dok./doc, 22’

For an author of documentaries, an interesting character is a treasure. In 100 days the main character – a pensioner – reveals his life philosophy and comments on the reality. Thus we learn about the Martians, about the cycles of nature reflected in seasonal sales in the supermarket and a few more important matters.

E&A 2011

TRZY DNI WOLNOŚCI / 3 DAYS OF FREEDOM, reż./dir.: Łukasz Borowski , zdj./phot. Michał Stajniak, muz./mus. Patrycja Krysik, prod. Mistrzowska Szkoła Reżyserii Filmowej Andrzeja Wajdy/Andrzej Wajda Master School of Film Directing, Polska/Poland 2011, dok./doc., 28’

After fifteen years Piotr is able to leave prison. The easiest activities prove to be a real challenge for him. Lost and bewildered, but fascinated at the same time, he tries to understand the today`s world. This, however, will not turn out to be the most difficult thing for him. Being on a pass, he will have to face his life, review his past and his chances for the future, and choose what is the most important for him.

1st screening
25/11/2013, 4.00 p.m., Małopolski Ogród Sztuki