/6.30 p.m. – 50 years of Ann Arbor Film Festival (II)

6.30 p.m. – 50 years of Ann Arbor Film Festival (II)



ul. Floriańska 18/5, 31-021 Kraków


Established in 1963, Festival celebrates its 50th anniversary. It is the longest-running independent and experimental film festival in North America.

BEAUTY PLUS PITY/PIĘKNO PLUS LITOŚĆ, real./dir. Emily Vey Duke, Cooper Battersby, Kanada/Canada, 2010,13’, eksp./exp.

“Presented in seven parts, Beauty Plus Pity considers the potential for goodness amidst the troubled relations between God, humanity, animals, parents and children… (it) contemplates the shame and beauty of existence; it is part apologia, part call to arms.” – (Duke and Battersby)


ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT/WSZYSTKO PRZEZ NOC, reż./dir. Michael Robinson, Stany Zjednoczone/USA, 2008,4’, eksp./exp.

Splinters of Nordic fairy tales and ecological disaster films are ground down into a prism of contradictions in this hopeful container for hopelessness. – (Robinson)


TRACES/TROPY, reż./dir. Scott Stark, Stany Zjednoczone/USA, 2012,6’, eksp./exp.

A series of short film 35mm films generated from digital still images and printed onto movie film. The top and bottom half of each image alternate in the projector gate, and the images are arranged in a dizzying array of rhythms and patterns. The images also bleed onto the optical soundtrack area of the film, generating their own peculiar sounds.


IN THE ABSENCE OF LIGHT, DARKNESS PREVAILS/GDY NIE MA ŚWIATŁA CIEMNOŚĆ ZWYCIĘŻA, reż./dir. Fern Silva, muz./music: Alisa Clements, Sergei Tcherepnin, Stany Zjednoczone, Brazylia/USA, Brazil, 2010, 13’, eksp./exp.

Fern Silva suggests a future already arrived, merging the destruction with the creation of life as seen in the tiny turtles crawling their way to the sea, or heard in the crackling of a Geiger counter as a masked man sprays plants with pesticides. Though only 13 minutes, the film’s span is enormous: fromSalvador, through Brazilian state ofBahia, up to a mosquito-sized Mercury passing across the surface of the sun.


TREES OF SYNTAX, LEAVES OF AXIS/DRZEWO SKŁADNI, LIŚCIE OSI, reż./dir.: Daïchi Saïto, muz./music: Malcom Goldstein, Kanada/Canada 2009,10’, eksp./exp.

Entirely hand-processed by the filmmaker, Trees of Syntax, Leaves of Axis, with violin by composer Malcolm Goldstein, is a poem of vision and sound that seeks certain perceptual insight and revelation through a syntactical structure based on patterns, variations and repetition.


MANQUE DE PREUVES/BRAK DOWODÓW/LACK OF EVIDENCE, reż./dir.: Hayoun Kwon, Francja/France, 2011,9’, anim.

A tragic story of a father in Nigeria who believes that his twins are cursed and therefore kills one of his sons ceremonially. The other brother manages to escape just in time, after which he embarks on a long journey to Europe, where he becomes embroiled in bureaucratic asylum procedures because he has no proof of what happened.

TRAVELLING FIELDS/WĘDRUJĄCE POLA, reż./dir.: Inger Lise Hansen, Norwegia/Norway 2010,8’, eksp./exp.

Moving between different topographies and locations in Northern Russia, this film explores sections of the polar landscape by moving the camera upside/down, one frame at the time, along a track. The author focuses on a particular phenomenon occurring through a change of perspective and animated camera movements, as a way of redefining a place and its geography.

REHEARSALS FOR RETIREMENT/PRÓBA EMERYTURY, reż./dir.: Phil Solomon, Stany Zjednoczone/USA 2007,10’, eskp./exp.

Solomon transforms atmospheric landscapes generated in the Grand Theft Auto videogame into brooding depopulated scenes haunted by figures occasionally glimpsed through shimmering light and seeming endless torrential rain.


VICTORIA, GEORGE, EDWARD AND THATCHER/VICTORIA, GEORGE, EDWARD I THATCHER, reż./dir.: Callum Cooper, Wielka Brytania/Great Britain, 2010,2’, eksp. /exp.

The various faces of class, wealth, history and the tensions between individualism and conformity in British society are explored in this visual journey from East toWest London. Consisting of almost 3600 images of the city’s residences taken in 2009 and 2010, the film records the author’s daily journey from his home in Clapton (e5) to the Royal College of Art in Kensington (SW7).


EL ATAQUE DE LOS ROBOTS DE NEBULOSA-5/ATAK ROBOTÓW NEBULA 5/ATTACK OF THE ROBOTS OF NEBULA 5, reż./dir.: Chema García Ibarra, Hiszpania/Spain, 2008,7’, eksp./exp.

When Robots take over Earth, almost everybody is going to die very soon.