/12.00 p.m. – LECTURE BY Robert Piaskowski “Animating the creators of music and animation”

12.00 p.m. – LECTURE BY Robert Piaskowski “Animating the creators of music and animation”

26/11/2013, 12.00 p.m., Czuły Barbarzyńca

The picture and sound, animation and music – are the elements inextricably linked together. How to move this relation on a professional basis? How to create the right tools and circumstances for training, creative development and finally the joint promotion of young artists? On building aᅠplatform for close cooperation between the film industry, audiovisual sector and composers speaks Robert Piaskowski – artistic director of Krakow Film Music Festival.

Krakow Film Music Festival has become a place for collaboration of composers, artists, experts in sound production, but also heads of the film and recording studios. The network that share the skills, knowledge, contacts and experience. Krakow FMF established educational platform for young composers who wish to build their career in the international film industry. Audiovisual Forum would like to fill the painful gap in the programs of the majority of art schools with an offer of systemic and advanced training in the field of functional composition created for the use of new media: TV series, feature films, animations and video games.

This year the 1st edition of the FMF Young Talent Awards International Competition dedicated to young composers took place, but it is also aimed at the creators of animations. From the 32 works composed for Marek Gajowskiメs animation Dark Side of the Moon jury selected the winner composer and awarded three distinctions. Based on the analysis of the winning compositions, a variety of techniques for creating a music background will be presented, elaborating on the tools used and how to build a musical narrative in respect of the same footage. In addition, Robert Piaskowski will try to convince to the superiority of a composed music over the one received from the so-called banks of music and online databases, as well as show the process of selecting the animation for the competition and the opportunities that grow from participation in such ventures.

Robert Piaskowski – the Artistic Director of Krakow Film Music Festival (Poland), one of the largest festival dedicated to film music. Since 2007 he is associated with the Krakow Festival Office, where he serves as Deputy Program Director. He is responsible for the implementation of cultural policy of Krakow. Piaskowski is also the originator of the Audiovisual Forum, which aims to systemic education of young artists of the audiovisual sector.