/1.00 p.m. – Lecture by Łukasz Targosz „MUSIC AND SOUND IN FILM“

1.00 p.m. – Lecture by Łukasz Targosz „MUSIC AND SOUND IN FILM“

25/11/2103, 1.00 p.m., Czuły Barbarzyńca

A film is audiovisual work – how many film makers remember about it?
How important for film are music and sound?

The aim of the lecture is to show the role of music and sound in the moving picture and to explain how the selection of music influences the ultimate reception of a given film. This problem will be presented from various points of view, among others, the role of rhythm, grassroots music, theme song, or differences in opinions between the director, producer and composer. Every aspect will be explained with the use of examples of scenes from films, music to which was written by the speaker.

ŁUKASZ TARGOSZ – author of film music, music producer. Awarded a prize at the International Television Film Festival Roma Fiction Fest in 2010 for his music to a TV series Marked (Naznaczony). He wrote music to, among others, animations (The Game (Gra), awarded at international festivals, including Boston International Film Festival, Mexico International Film Festival, On Location: Memphis International Film and Music Fest, Canada International Film Festival, Indie Fest; Head’s Life, Bear Me, Mice on strike (Myszy strajkują), Fenek, Agi Bagi), films (Hans Kloss. More than Death at Stake (Hans Kloss. Stawka większa niż śmierć), Letters to M. ( Listy do M.), Flying Pigs (Latające Świnie), Love and Dance (Kochaj i Tańcz), The State Witness (Świadek Koronny), TV series (True Law (Prawo Agaty), Medics (Lekarze), Instinct (Instynkt), Cold Feet (Usta Usta), Insiders (Odwróceni).
Co-owner of the SPOT Music Production Studio (www.studiospot.pl) established in 1999.