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Virgil Widrich

Virgil WidrichVirgil Widrich – born 1967 in Salzburg, a film director, a screenwriter, a multimedia artist and professor of “Art & Science” at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. His short film “Copy Shop” (2001) was nominated for an Oscar. Virgil Widrich is involved in a variety of roles as project manager, conceptionalist, exhibition designer or artistic director in the creation of screenplays, short and feature films, installations, exhibitions and entire museums, as well as in international research projects. He is one of the founders and Managing Directors of the multimedia company checkpointmedia GmbH, and owner and Managing Director of Virgil Widrich Film- und Multimediaproduktions G.m.b.H. In 2004 Widrich was a member of the jury for Ars Electronica and became chairman of the Austrian Film Directors’ Association until 2007. He is also a member of the Academy of Austrian Film.

In total, his work has been awarded more than 130 international awards. His short film “Copy Shop” won 37 international awards and was nominated for the Oscar. “Fast Film” premiered in Cannes 2003 and won 36 awards until today. His most recent feature film is “Night of a 1000 Hours” (2016). In 2018 he directed his first music video “Nena & Dave Stewart: Be my Rebel”.