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Ülo Pikkov

Ülo PikkovÜlo Pikkov – born in 1976 in Tallin, Estonian filmmaker, producer, film expert and university lecturer. He studied animation at the Arts Academy in Turku, Finland. Since 1996 he has made several award-winning animated films, such as: “Cappuccino” (1996), “Bermuda” (1998), “Frank and Wendy” (2003-2005) and “Body Memory” (2011). He has authored numerous articles about film, as well as a publication “Animasophy. Theoretical Writings on the Animated Film” (2010). He has also written books for both children and adults.

In 2005 Ülo Pikkov graduated from the Institute of Law at the Tartu University, where he focused on the media and copyright law. For 10 years he was a teacher at the Faculty of Animation of the Estonian Academy of Arts, where he supported new talents at the Estonian animation scene. He defended his PhD dissertation entitled “Anti-Animation: Textures of Eastern European Animated Film” in 2018. He works as a manager and producer for documentaries and animated films at the Silmviburlane film studio.