/The Wolf House

The Wolf House

A feature film where the various elements of beauty, fear, disorder and the narrative itself are born from the same precarious elements that are in permanent states of change. It is the story of a young woman who is hiding in a house, but it is also the story of a physical and mental world that falls apart, destroys itself and renews itself time and again. It is an animal in a state of relentless mutation.

The air of folklore and fantasy in a colony of religious fundamentalists in Chile. Nightmarish visions, people magically transformed into physical objects, talking animals. Wildness of the heart and curiosity which often leads straight to hell. This stop-motion animated film by the two Chilean artists is a grotesque record of a young woman’s initiation journey into the unknown.

La Casa Lobo
Directed by: Cristóbal León, Joaquin Cociña, screenplay by: Cristóbal León, Joaquin Cociña, Alejandra Moffat, Chile 2018, animation, 73 min.

24th November (Saturday), 5 p.m.
Kijów Centrum – Large Screening Room