21st - 22nd November (Wednesday - Thursday)

Krakow Technology Park
Ul. Podole 60

10 p.m. - 3 p.m.
Conference Animation, feature, documentary film – on the synergy of connections
An industry conference for professionals from the field of film, animation and special effects production

The main aim of the workshops is to draw attention to the potential of animation perceived as advanced special effects or artistic form as well as the influence of animation on the development of the Polish film market.

The first day of the conference will be devoted to the development of the Polish sector of animation and sources of financial support. The special guest will be Maciej Dydo – the Deputy Director of the Intellectual Property and Media Department of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.

On the second day the biggest post-production companies (Platige Image, Studio Orka, Deep Blue, Animoon, Pigeon) will present the potenital of the Polish special effects (VFX) industry.

Special guests will be the representatives of Mackevision – the company producing special effects to, among others, Games of Thrones or Independence Day.

22nd November (Thursday)

Małopolska Garden of Art
Rajska 12
Small Screening Room

1 p.m.
From an etude to a feature, or about a film debut – legal workshops
Led by: Attorney Marcin Lassota from Kancelaria Lassota sp. j.

The aim of the meeting is organizing legal issues relevant to individual stages of feature film production from the perspective of artists having their debuts in the field.

Which contracts are connected with artistic input into the audio-visual work as a whole? Who from the film crew members performs specific work, and who – an order? What can the way to settle with filmmakers look like? What should one be cautious about when signing a contract with a film distributor? Which provisions are worth including in specific contracts? What should co-production agreements regulate?

The meeting will be led by a lawyer specializing in film production, working on everyday basis with film producers on the production of features and documentaries as well as on their distribution.

2.30 p.m.
Listening to a hologram
Led by: Konrad Sierzputowski

Virtual music bands are phenomena difficult to unequivocally define and therefore hard to grasp. They are bands and artists who do not exist in reality. They include both fictitious groups described in literature, music bands appearing in films and TV series, characters from music games as well as animated groups. Observing changes within this field, starting from Gorillaz band to the success of a Japanese pop star – Hatsune Miku or resurrection of Michael Jackson as a hologram, one should pose a question – is a body of a musician still needed? And what does listening to holograms means for us?

23rd November (Friday)

Małopolska Garden of Art
Rajska 12
Small Screening Room

11 a.m.
Pitching workshops
Led by: Anna Szczerbińska

1 p.m.
Workshops: Papaya Young Directors. From the idea to the film and the set of competition films Papaya Young Directors
Led by: Kacper Sawicki Executive Producer Papaya Films
Special Guests: finalists of the competition and representative of the sponsor supporting the ideas of Papaya Young Directors

Papaya Young Directors is the only such competition for young directors in Europe, which for five editions has been carrying out an educational mission and successfully introduces young creators to the film and advertising industry.

3 p.m.
Information on activities of Adam Mickiewicz Institute
Led by: Grzegorz Skorupski

What does the Adam Mickiewicz Institute (IAM) do, what structure and strategy it has for the coming years, and what Adam Mickiewicz and Jim Morrison have in common - these are some of the issues that will be raised during the presentation.