(awards ceremony)

23rd November (Saturday)

Małopolska Garden of Arts
Rajska 12
Large Screening Room

9 a.m.
Do you have a project? Present it with a smile (2nd part)
Led by: Anna Szczerbińska

11 a.m.
  • Away, reż./dir.: Gints Zilbalodis, muz./mus.: prod.: Bilibaba, LV 2019, 75’

  • A boy winds up lost on a mysterious island, inhabited only by a few animals and a giant who insistently pursues our hero. This boy's journey across a strange landscape gives rise to minimalist, evocative animated film, made entirely by Gints Zilbalodis and winner of one of the most important awards at the latest Annecy festival.

    Finale of two projects: Animating books! and Cooking on the screen

    Screenings of films which are parts of projects made by the Etiuda&Anima Foundation throughout a year. Special guests will be workshop teachers as well as children and teens taking part in the workshops.

    1.30 p.m.
    Europe in animation (IV)
    Croatia – Bonobostudio presents (76’)

    Special Guest – Ivana Bošnjak

    Presentation of animations produced and selected by the famous Croatian Bonobostudio.

  • Plac / Targ / The Market, reż./dir.: Ana Hušman, prod.: Studio Pangolin, HR 2006, 9'04''
  • Levjatan / Lewiatan / Leviathan, reż./dir.: Simon Bogojević Narath, prod.: Kenges, HR 2006, 14'40''
  • Ona koja mjeri/Ta, która mierzy/ She Who Measures, reż./dir.: Veljko Popović, prod.: Kenges, HR 2008, 6'40''
  • Dota, reż./dir.: Petra Zlonoga, prod.: Kinoklub Zagreb, HR 2014, 4'32''
  • Levitacija / Lewitacja / Levitation, reż./dir.: Marko Meštrović, prod.: Kreativni sindikat, HR 2014, 8'07''
  • Simulacra / Pozór / Simulacrum, reż./dir.: Ivana Bošnjak, Thomas Johnson, prod.: Bonobostudio, HR 2014, 8'40''
  • Tu Tamto / Tu tam / Here There, reż./dir.: Alexander Stewart, prod.: Bonobostudio, HR/USA 2015, 4'40''
  • Nocna ptica / Nocny marek / Nighthawk, reż./dir.: Špela Čadež, prod.: Production: Finta Film, Bonobostudio, RTV SI/SK/HR, 2016, 8'50''
  • Jezeva kuca / Dom jeża / Hedgehog's Home, reż./dir.: Eva Cvijanović, prod.: NFB, Bonobostudio, HR/CA 2017, 10'

  • 3.30 p.m.
  • Les hirondelles de Kaboul / Jaskółki z Kabulu / The Swallows of Kabul, reż./dir.: Zabou Breitman, Eléa Gobbé-Mévellec, scen./sc.: Sébastien Tavel, Patricia Mortagne, Zabou Breitman, dźwięk/sound: Alexis Rault, prod.: Reginald de Guillebon, Stephan Roelants, Michel Merkt, Joëlle Bertossa, FR 2019, 81’

  • It is an animated adaptation of a bestselling novel by an Algerian writer Mohammed Moulessehoul ( publishing under the name of Yasmin Khadr). The film was presented in Un Certain Regard section of this year’s Cannes International Film Festival. The plot of the film takes place in summer of 1998 in the capital of Afghanistan, soon after the Talib fundamentalists came to power there. This is tragic story about enslavement narrated in a poetic manner with the use of uniquely beautiful images in pastel colors make The Swallows of Kabul a film which stirs emotions and leaves a long lasting impression.

    5.30 p.m.
    Farewell (II)
  • Cinecittà - I mestieri del cinema / Bernardo Bertolucci: To nie koniec podróży / Bernardo Bertolucci: No End Travelling, reż./dir.: Mario Sesti, scen./sc.: Mario Sesti Zdjęcia: Emanuele Princi, dźwięk/sound: Federico Badaloni Produdent: Massimiliano De Carolis, IT 2019, 55’

  • Special Guest – Mario Sesti

    Documentary, which had its premiere during this year`s Cannes festival, presents the last interview Sesti made with Bertolucii. It took place short before the director`s death, and even though it was planned as part of a series devoted to film professions, it became a symbolic farewll to him.

    8 p.m.
    Presentation of the awards and screening of films awarded in ETIUDA, ANIMA competitions

    Małopolska Garden of Arts
    Rajska 12
    Small Screening Room

    10 a.m.
    1st Screening of ANIMA Competition – repetition (86’)

    11.30 a.m.
    2nd Screening of ANIMA Competition – repetition (94’)

    1.10 p.m.
    3rd Screening of ANIMA Competition – repetition (103’)

    3 p.m.
    Myriam Prongue – in memoriam (72')

    Special Guests – Jerzy Kucia, Frank Braun, Urszula Kropiwiec

  • Nordost, reż./dir.: Basil Vogt, CH 2001, 7’
  • Jutro / Tomorrow, reż./dir.: Katarzyna Agopsowicz, PL 2005, 7'
  • Cienie / Shadows, reż./dir.: Edyta Turczanik, PL 2000, 7’37''
  • Bermuda, reż./dir.: Ülo Pikkov, EE 1998, 10’54''
  • Replay, reż./dir. Isabelle Favez, CH 1999, 4’37''
  • Islander Rest / Odpoczynek wyspiarza, reż./dir.: Claudius Gentinetta, Frank Braun, CH 2015, 18’
  • Strojenie instrumentów / Tuning the instruments, reż./dir. Jerzy Kucia, PL 2000, 15'16''

  • 5 p.m.
    Interactivity at Aardman

    Special Guest – Neil Pymer

    7 p.m.
    Farewell (III)

  • Franco Zeffirelli – Reżyserując z życia / Franco Zeffirelli – Directing from Life, reż./dir.: Chris Hunt, zdj./ph.: Marco Benedetti, Stephen J Brand, Simon Cox, Ant Leake, Daniele Nannuzzi, dźwięk/sound.: David Bekkevold, Kevin Meredith, Lorenzo Ramerini, prod.: Chris Hunt, UK 2019, 58’

  • Special Guest – Chris Hunt

    Two years before Zeffirelli`s death Chris Hunt, a BritishTV producer, visited the director in his home in Rome and at the opening of his foundation in Florence, where he had the chance to talk to him numerous times, get to know his close collaborators and his artistic archive, which led to the creation of this compelling documentary, now the director`s epithph.