Etiuda&Anima volunteers are an integral part of our organizational office, many of them helping us all year round! Without you organizing such an event would be impossible.
If cinema is your hobby, you feel you could support ogranization of our festival, you are in the right section.
Joining the festival means meeting the best alternative cinema and its authors as well as getting acquainted with the ABCs of organizing an international cultural event.

What are the benefits of becoming a volunteer?
  • when off duty you can watch all the movies shown as well as accompanying events free of charge
  • you will work together with professionals on international festival organization
  • you will gain essential experience and learn mechanisms of organizing cultural events
  • you are given an opportunity to receive training and student practices
What will be your responsibilities?
  • being fully flexible throughout the festival
  • exact knowledge of the programme of the festival
  • receiving guests
  • ticket inspection
  • placarding the city, distributing handbills and festival bulletins, participating in promotion activities
  • assistance in accompanying events (including workshop)
  • distribution of screeners
You will ideally:
  • know foreign languages,
  • be interested in movies and animations.
How can you become a volunteer?

Any person of age that fills up an entry form and sends it to the Festival Office may become a volunteer.
You will find an entry form here on 8th of October.

You will sign a contract with the festival management.

We will also provide a certificate of your involvement, if requested.