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Paul Driessen

Paul Driessen (born 1940 in Nijmegen) is a Dutch film director, animator and writer. In the 1960s, having completed his studies in graphic design and illustration at the Academy of Arts in Utrecht, Driessen began animating commercials for TV in the Netherlands. Soon George Dunning, in search for talent, hired him as an animator for his full-length film “Yellow Submarine” (1968), which featured The Beatles. He also helped Driessen emigrate to Canada, where the latter became a member of the National Film Board of Canada in 1972. In the 1980s Driessen taught animation at the University of Kassel, Germany, after Jan Lenica.

Paul Driessen is an author of 28 animated shorts, which have won him over 50 prestigious awardsall over the world. He received, among other distinctions, an Oscar nomination for the short film “3 Misses” (2000), a Silver Bear at the festival in Berlin for the film “On Land, at Sea and in the Air” (1981), as well as Lifetime Achievement Awards at both Ottawa and Zagreb animation festivals.