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Michael Havas

Michael HavasMichael Havas – (b. 1947, Praga) is a Czech-New Zealand filmmaker who has written, directed or produced over 60 films, many of which have received international awards.  Recurring themes in his work are historical context, cultural heritage and nature. From 1984 to 1993 Havas, then living in Germany, co-produced many of Jan Švankmajer´s shorts as well as the world-renowned animator´s first two full-length features ALICE and FAUST. In 1990 he was the main researcher and line producer for the BBC´s Late Show series of documentaries on the new Czechoslovakia: DEATH OF STALINISM was nominated for an animation BAFTA while ABSURDISTAN won a BAFTA as Best Documentary. He has worked with Sir Peter Ustinov, Ester Krumbachová, Terry Gilliam, Michael Palin, Axel Corti, Peter Gabriel, David Crystal, Michael Frayn, Andrew Sachs, Caroline Kennedy etc. 2014-2015 Havas helped Štěpán Hulík convince Agnieszka Holland to direct BURNING BUSH (HBO), was key researcher to Julian Arahanga´s BEHIND THE BRUSH TV series for MAORI TV (NZ), engineered Terry Gilliam´s appearance in FILM ADVENTURER KAREL ZEMAN and contributed to Helena Třeštíková´s feature documentary on Lída Baarová, DESTRUCTION BY BEAUTY. He also co-wrote the screenplay of ALDABRA, a 3D wildlife adventure feature directed by Steve Lichtag and released internationally in 2015. His latest film, co-written and co-directed with Julian Arahanga is BEYOND THE BATTALION, a reflection on human memory seen through Havas´ earlier two film about the Battle of Crete, ONCE UPON AN ISLAND (1975) and SONS OF TU MATA UENGA ‘1977).