/Marino Guarnieri

Marino Guarnieri


After working as a graphic designer, experimenting with all forms of expression and communication for the past 20 years, he has finally discovered his true passion: animation. He creates, designs and participates in the realization of commercials and video clips, TV theme songs and educational products, documentaries, specials and feature films. He supervised the animation for the documentary Gli Occhi più Azzurri, in the educational series Docucartoon, and the episode Giga & Stick for INAF, before embarking on the collaboration with MAD Entertainment. His works include: the music video for Foja’s Donna Maria, the promo for the movie A Skeleton Story and the theme song for the Festival Crossmediale Cartoons on the Bay. Assistant director, 2D supervisor and animation editor for the feature film L’Arte della Felicità. Winner of the 2014 European Film Awards for Best European Animated Film. He teaches Digital Animation at the Italian school of Comix, for which he directed the promotional commercial Chi Sogna Disegna and the short film Mezzanotte di Segni. He is also member of the board of ASIFA Italia (Associazione Internazionale Film di Animazione). Gatta Cenerentola is his first feature film as director.