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Kuba Duda

Kuba Duda is a young guitarist and the author of instrumental music, which leaves space for your thoughts and imaginations to flow freely. During solo acts he plays his own compositions on guitar using various techniques and effects. His cloudy noir style of playing reminds masters of improvised solo guitar like Marc Ribot, Aram Bajakian and Raphael Rogiński. He opened two concerts in Cracow for Jozef Van Wissem – lute player and the author of music score for Jim Jarmusch’s movie „Only Lovers Left Alive”. Some listeners compare the mood of his music to soundtracks from David Lynch’s and Jim Jarmusch’s movies, which had large influence on his style. To enrich solo acts he screens old film reels on analog projectors, which make the atmosphere even more dreamy. In march 2017 he released instrumental solo album which was recorded at home. Compositions are untitled, numbered only with Roman numerals. They tell stories without the words and listeners can  interpret them on their own. Beside solo acts he plays with the band Patrick The Pan. In the past he collaborated with Vladimirska, The Silver Owls, Teddy Jr. and The Undertakers and Limboski.