/Janusz Kondratiuk

Janusz Kondratiuk

Born in 1943, Ak-Bułak, in the territory of today’s Kazakhstan, is a film director and scriptwriter who graduated from the directing department of Lodz Film School. He is a younger brother of a director Andrzej Kondratiuk. Already as a student, he made his first international success at the festival in Oberhausen in 1969 with his etude titled “Let’s Not Talk About It Anymore” (“Nie mówmy o tym więcej”). At the turn of the 1960s and 70s he made such succesful TV films as: “How to Win a Woman”, “Money and Fame” (“Jak zdobyć kobietę, pieniądze i sławę”, 1969), “Available Girls” (“Dziewczyny do wzięcia”, 1972) and “Blissful” (“Wniebowzięci”, co-directed with his brother Andrzej, 1973). Films of both Kondratiuk brothers are said to share similarities with those of the Czech film wave, especially the ones made by Forman and Menzel. Later, after moving abroad, Janusz Kondratiuk was for many years a film directing lecturer at the university in Linz. Recently, he has been again collaborating with the Polish television and directing some episodes of TV series. His latest feature autobiographical film “Fighting Like Cat and Dog” (“Jak pies z kotem”) was a considerable success at this year’s Gdynia Film Festival and won awards for the best actors Olgierd Łukaszewicz and Aleksandra Konieczna.