/Jakub Woynarowski

Jakub Woynarowski

Jakub Woynarowski, PhD (born 1982) – graduate of the Kraków Academy of Fine Arts, where he currently runs the Narrative Drawing Studio. An interdisciplinary artist, independent curator, designer and illustrator, author of graphic novels and book arts. Video artist and animator. He was the second director of Kuba Mikurda’s film “Love Express. The Strange Case of Walerian Borowczyk”. He authored books “Manggha” and “The Story of Gardens”; as well as co-authored “Wunderkamera. Kino Terry’ego Gilliama” and “Corpus Delicti”. He was behind the art concept of an exhibition at the Polish Pavillion during the 14th International Architecture Biennale in Venice (2014). In 2015 he has been awarded the Polityka magazine’s “Passport” award for a visual artist.