Jan Švankmajer’s “Insects” (“Hmyz”, 2018) is the latest feature film by one of the most widely known, acclaimed and inspiring animators in the world, produced after almost eight years of silence from the artist. The script is based on a play by Karel and Josef Čapek. The film is a meta-experiment in which we are witness to the creative process: on the one hand, we follow a fictional story about an amateur theatrical troupe, working on a performance of the Čapek brothers’ “Pictures from the Insects’ Life”, while on the other hand, we listen to the actual “Insects” film crew, led by Švankmajer, speak. The director has divided the movie into three parts: the first one is a documentary on the making of “Insects”, the second illustrates the preparation for the staging of the play, and the third is a literary adaptation.



Direction and script by Jan Švankmajer, cinematography by Jan Růžička, Adam Oľha, cast: Jan Budař, Jiří Lábus, Kamila Magálová, Jaromiř Dulava, Czech Republic/Slovakia 2018, feature film, 98 min.

23rd November (Friday), 7 p.m.
Kijów Centrum – Large Screening Room