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Bodo Kox

Bodo Kox is a leading figure of the Polish off-scene: an independent filmmaker, actor, scriptwriter and happener. He was born in Wrocław on 22 April 1977. He graduated in journalism from the Faculty of Polish Philology at the University of Wrocław. He also studied in the Film and TV Direction Department at the Lodz Film School and in Wajda School in Warsaw.

He acted in the most popular indie films of recent years, i.e. “Bolączka sobotniej nocy” (“Saturday Night Worries”), “Krew z nosa” (“Blood from the Nose”), “Ugór” (“Wasteland”) as well as “Homo Father”. His performance as Pablo in “Blood from the Nose” was awarded with an OFFskar for the best actor in 2005. His roles in “Ugor” (“Wasteland”) and “Homo Father” earned him a Special Mention of the Independent Film Competition Jury at the 30. Polish Film Festival in Gdynia.

Together with Filip Zawada, he directed more than 10 short films, including “Marco P. i złodzieje rowerów” (“Marco P. and the Bike Thieves”, 2005), considered one of the most essential films of the Polish off-cinema. His debut feature film – “Dziewczyna z szafy” (“Girl from the Closet”, 2012) – is one of the most original film of recent years that won the hearts of critics and public alike. This Fall, his latest feature film – a science-fiction melodrama entitled “Człowiek z magicznym pudełkiem” (“Man with the Magic Box”, 2017) – opened in cinemas. Bodo Kox also directed a TV theatre play “Amazonia”.