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Biggest dream

Classic documentary from the time before the Prague Spring. In one interview, Jan Špáta, a cinematographer, said about his film debut: ”Questions asked in the documentary not only force the youth to communicate, but bother us, the older generation, as well. Moreover, they provoke us to express honest opinions. Using the filmmedium, I wanted to show the youth of today. Their new system of values is sometimes discredited. I’m not the only one pondering over this problem. I wish this documentary attracted interest not only of the “older” audience, but also of young people. So that they could identify with it. Through “Biggest Dream” I intended to move a survey towards film. I’m convinced that a survey which fails to present problems in a cinematographic way doesn’t have the right to exist. For this reason my documentary consists of both “classic shots” with a reporter holding a microphone as well as scenes far from this limited form. One needs to stress that the film does not have a pessimistic overtone and shouldn’t be interpreted in such a way. I admit that sad moments appear as well. I mean the scenes shot in Prague arcades, where it is difficult to talk about eloquence and noble ideals of the protagonists. They are a part of bored youth, who kill the time not knowing their way out of the emptiness they created for themselves. However, great majority of the filmed individuals have got the thing that constitutes the essence of today’s youth: sensitivity to truth and desire for justice.”


Největší přání
dir. Jan Špáta, cinematography by Vladimir Skalský, Czech Republic 1964, documentary film, 31 min.

23rd November (Friday), 9.30 p.m. 
Małopolski Ogród Sztuki – Small Screening Room