/Aurel Klimt

Aurel Klimt

Born in 1972 in Żilina in Slovakia. He graduated from the animation department of FAMU in Prague in 1999 and since then he has been working there as an animation lecturer. Starting from 2000 he has been living in Malešov where he founded Zvon Studio. He makes his own film, working as a director, scriptwriter, animator, editor and producer. As a student he participated in the 3rd IFF Etiuda (1996) with his film “Maskin Kills Koskin” and in the 5th IFF Etiuda (1998) during which he was distinguished with a honorary mention for his “Bloody Hugo” which was recognized as the best animation in the festival competition. Klimt is an author of short and feature animated films which have been numerously awarded at various festivals – his “Filmfarum” (2002) and “Filmfarum II” (2006) received, among others, the award of the Czech Film Academy – the Czech Lions. His latest feature animation “Laika” (2017), which we present at this year’s Anima& Etiuda Festival out of competition, was also awarded with the Czech Lion. Aurel Klimt is also the author of theatre plays and producer of commercials.